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Sharon McCallum & Associates provides services across the full spectrum of Community Services, including Child Protection, Family Support, Community Engagement, Family and Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Homelessness, Drug and Alcohol Services, Refugee settlement and Trauma Support Services.

Program Design:
Sharon takes an innovative and dynamic approach to designing programs that asks the central question of ‘how you can better service your clients and communities’. With a focus on empowerment and collaboration Sharon will guide your staff through a design process to place your organisation in the best possible position to deliver quality outcomes. Sharon has a proven track record in recognising obstacles to successful program delivery combined with exceptional problem solving abilities in a complex service environment.

Program Implementation:
Whilst the design of your program is crucial so is the implementation phase, particularly how to effectively engage staff in productive change management processes. Sharon has a proven track record in assisting organisations through this process involving developing detailed and achievable implementation plans. Sharon will also work collaboratively with your staff to identify and overcome obstacles, including conducting implementation and problem solving forums in addition to providing targeted training.

Evaluation Services:
Sharon has extensive experience in both the design and implementation of evaluation frameworks. Given this experience Sharon is well placed to design individually tailored evaluations that will give you a clear indication of the quality of your services, whether it be service delivery to your clients, or internal services such as Supervision. Sharon works alongside clients to develop detailed evaluation frameworks that will answer the crucial questions and give your organisation an edge in the complex business of Quality Improvement.

Strategic Planning:
Sharon can assist your organisation in the development of overarching and meaningful Strategic Plans that will successfully guide and shape the culture of your organisation. Sharon will navigate you through a process to identify you key strategic drivers and how best to articulate your values and desired service outcomes in a clear and achievable way.

Ethics and Practice Standards
Sharon has the highest levels of commitment to the delivery of Ethical Practice Standards and can assist you in assessing how your organisation is travelling in terms of compliance with Ethical Standards. Sharon is also available to conduct investigations, mediations and risk assessments.

Collaborative Relationships
Sharon has expertise in helping organisations develop meaningful and sustainable collaborative working relationships to enhance client and community outcomes. Skilled in negotiation, Sharon can help organisations create and manage partnerships in such a way that, together, a new and richer service emerges.

Training and Professional Development
Training and Professional Development is an essential cornerstone for the success of all organisations and Sharon is in a position to individually tailor training to the needs of your organisation and staff. Sharon has a wealth of experience in delivering a wide range of training that includes both in-house and public workshops. Whether it be a two-hour workshop or a three day intensive, she can deliver training that makes a difference for your organisation. Examples include:

  • High Quality Supervision –Myth or Reality
  • Build your Service-Solve the Problem
  • How to deal with difficult workers
  • Participative Case Planning
  • Team Development
  • How to develop Collaborative Working Relationships
  • Advanced Supervision workshop
  • Stepping Up…Stepping In: Exploring the life of the new manager

Individual Supervision and Mentoring
Sharon offers the full range of individual support services, including formal and ad hoc supervision, debriefing, the provision of case consultation services, and ongoing mentoring services.


Sharon has been working alongside Anglicare NT over many years, resourcing our staff to strengthen the delivery of our services to the NT community. Whether this has been through the evaluation of our Communities for Children Initiative in Alice Springs, providing a four day intensive on frameworks for working with complex and multi-dimensional families, strengthening our managers’ skills in supervision, or facilitating a think tank on management and client feedback systems. Sharon’s approach, skills, and knowledge is highly regarded by Anglicare NT.

Kate McGarry
Executive Manager
Counselling & Social Inclusion
(08) 8985 0000

“I have been bringing Sharon to the NT to provide specialist training workshops for many years. She is simply an outstanding trainer; all of her workshops are highly engaging and receive exceptional feedback. Sharon can turn her hand to the full range of training needs, as well as tailor training to your individual needs. She is a must if you want to develop both your staff and programs!”

Dave Richardson
Director Recruit-me-NT and Former Operational Director Family & Children Services, NT

In 2008, we contracted Sharon McCallum to work with our Senior Management team on designing a practice model for providing new under the SA Government’s Stronger Families, Safer Children initiative.

Sharon’s depth of knowledge and vast experience in providing intensive case work to Aboriginal families were pivotal in the design work. We then engaged Sharon over the following 2 years to support the rollout, reviewing practice and providing ongoing training.

This has enabled AFSS to provide a strong service that is family-focused and has appropriate theoretical underpinning. We would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon.

Sharron Williams
CEO of Aboriginal Family Support Services, SA
Aboriginal Family Support Services Inc
"Together with the Community"
134 Waymouth Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P: (08) 8205 1505
F: (08) 8212 1123
E: sharon@sharonmccallum.com.au
W: www.afss.com.au

When we were contracted in 2008 to deliver a range of new child protection services under the Stronger Families, Safer Children strategy we engaged Sharon McCallum almost from day one, as we were aware of her high level of expertise and wide-ranging experience in working with Aboriginal families across many areas of Australia. Sharon was held in very high regard by all we spoke to, including other NGOs and our funding body.

Sharon worked tirelessly in not only helping us to develop a comprehensive and culturally appropriate service model, but stayed by our side for 2 years to work with us in training, practice review, fine-tuning and evaluation. Her assistance, flexibility and insight were invaluable in establishing a successful platform for our new services that was based on evidence and experience.

Anyone seeking to utilise Sharon’s services will, I’m very sure, receive the same level of professional expertise and competence that we enjoyed.

Peter Shattock
Senior Manager, Corporate Services
Aboriginal Family Support Services Inc
"Together with the Community"
134 Waymouth Street
Adelaide SA 5000
M: 0427 444 027
P: (08) 8205 1505
F: (08) 8212 1123
E: peter.shattock@afss.com.au
W: www.afss.com.au

Dr Sharon McCallum
PO Box 5392
Townsville QLD 4810
P 07 4724 0869
F 07 4724 0681
M 0418 736 890
E sharon@sharonmccallum.com.au
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